Friday, February 27, 2009

families sunnyside up

So, it is a beautiful day today. I am delighted to see the sun, and go outside in bare feet only protected by the wonderful invention seen to the right. Mine are red today! I decided to celebrate the sunshine today by not doing my housework, even though the dustbunnies are playing basketball in the hallway.

Instead, I spent 5 wonderful hours immersed in the computer, working on some family history. You may remember that my awesome Dad gave me a subscription to a great family history website, and using it has allowed me to take several family lines back to the 1500's. This is not, however, a plug for It is an expression of gratitude to a loving Father in Heaven for giving us computer technology which allows us to further the work of redeeming our dead. Using the new family search program from the Church, and one name from Ancestry, 5 generations were linked together. Now, just the Temple ordinances need to be done. What a miracle!!
As I was sharing the success with Dad, he said how sad he was that he had not been able to get it all done. The truth is, he did quite a lot of research, but only had the slower, older tools(read "hours of perusing microfiche") to accomplish a huge task. I am blessed to be alive now, when advances in technology are making what used to take years to accomplish, only a fraction of that time.
Once again, life is all about families...current, past, and future members tied together. I am awed by the magnificence of it all.

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Josslin said...

That thought crossed my mind today too. If we use it well, who knows what the next ten years will bring?