Friday, May 1, 2009

chicks, feathered and otherwise!

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet little neice Alyssa called Dylan to ask him to go to "Mormon Prom" with one of her friends down in bigtown, and "by the way, could you find a cute guy to go with me too?"! Too funny! So Dylan said he would, and set up with Chris to go with Alyssa. All was good until Saturday morning when Chris flaked out and went to the coast instead. Thankfully, Matt said he would go with her, and she had a great time. He is such a great kid, and a good sport to boot. Alyssa said that he made her laugh all night. Aren't they cute?

Dylan went with a friend of Alyssa's, her name is Shanlyn. Dylan said she was very shy, so he didn't know if she was having fun; She told Alyssa that she thought D. is very funny, and wants to go out again. Isn't it hilarious getting the different perspectives? Here they are after the dance. I am just having so much fun with my teenagers. This is a really fun phase of life, and building a friendship with them is awesome. They teach me so much about myself, and awe me with their knowledge and testimonies of the Savior and their purpose here.

Josslin is doing great at school. She has really fun roommates this semester, and is loving her classes. She has been called into the Relief Society presidency as first counselor and is learning a lot about church government, inspiration, and reaching out to each person. Down there, they have 3 RS's in their ward; each apartment building floor is it's own RS. Interesting, no? Living 3/4 mile from campus is contributing to some increasing fitness, combining with her weight training class, and she said she needs some smaller clothes!! Oh darn, she has to go shopping!

Adam is hanging in there, very bored having me for his only companion now. Dylan is up and gone by about 6 am to work, followed by Paul a couple of hours later. We are trying to get some serious schoolwork done this spring and summer, and looking forward to the pond filling up.

The joys of country life manifested themselves last evening as we discovered that our drain field is on it's last legs, when we were rototilling to put our garden in. YIPPY SKIPPY!! I do love living out here though. This is one of the upsides of rural living. Aren't they adorable?

Now if I could just get someone to fix my pigpen's water, some baby pigs would be so fun to watch and laugh at. Having animals makes me really happy!! Oh, by the way, these chicks have a lot of room, they just feel the need to pile on top of each other....that's just for any anti farm peeps out there!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

So glad things are on the up and up in your world, other than the drain field which sounds on the down.

hennchix said...

Funny how 'home improvements" can be so "draining"! ;)

Kathy said...

I can hardly believe that the next generation is sending your kids on dates, just yesterday it was you and Lori who were that age. Argg...does that me I am getting old? How can that be?

Lori said...

Mormon Prom--i like that idea. I didn't get to tell you today you looked very beautiful. Loved your hair!!

Mindy said...

Great Pictures, I have to agree with you on the teenage years, it is a lot of fun!