Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let Him in and Let it snow!

Have you ever heard the song "Let Him In" by Michael McClean? It talks about the innkeeper who turned away the Holy Family on that memorable night a millenia ago. How the innkeeper was justified, wasn't he? After all, they couldn't have payed his asking price, could they? But....what if they could have?.... He doesn't sleep that evening, and goes for a walk as the tiny child is born in such lowly circumstances, so that he won't have to hear the cry, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he could have given some comfort and hospitality to such an important Stranger. Well, I listen to it every year, and every year, I make a new resolution to Let Him in to my life, and into my heart. Then, as the year winds on, I forget. Other feelings and events seem to overshadow Him.

In Stake Conference this Sunday, the theme was on the basics- reading the scriptures, praying, and being happy. Everything boils down to our testimony of Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and the possibility of returning to live with Him and our Father. By following through with the "basics", we will be happy, and have compassion on Heavenly Father's children. So again, I make the resolution- Live to Let Him In!!~

This last weekend, Paul and I went up to Leavenworth for our 22nd anniversary. It was so fun and relaxing! They still have all the Christmas lights up, so it felt like the North Pole at night. Here are a few pics.
This one is a shot from outside the bookstore, looking west. Aren't the decorations beautiful? Every night, the fog would roll in, and I felt like I was back in Dickens' England. By about 10 0r 11 am the fog burned off, and it was gorgeous blue skies.
Our bed was a queen sized, four poster with the privacy/warmth curtains, and 2 lamps mounted on the wall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bed. Paul was informed that he needs to build us one like that. Totally romantic!! They use feather comforters. Those things are so warm, the hotel warns you to turn off your room heater at night so you don't roast. And talk about a quick chore to make the bed- just fold each comforter back to the side. I think I can manage that!! The only change I would make is to build drawers under the bed. It is so high anyway, may as well make use of the space.
This is the main gathering place downtown- it has a place for shows with bleachers, grass in the summer, etc. There was some snow there, and several kids were sledding down the little hill. What a blast! It made me miss those days- snow, sleds, cold, followed up by dry clothes, cuddling in a blankie, and drinking a big mug of hot chocolate!!
And what is more romantic than a warm fire? There was even a sofa that was comfortable!! The desk downstairs gave us courtesy duraflame logs to burn in our little fireplace. We sat and talked for hours, watching the fire burn down to ashes. We ate out at Katz, and at Mozart, both of which were very good. The duck at Mozart was unbelievable- I brought my leftovers home and munched on them for 2 days. Yummy!!

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