Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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So, it's been a busy month! I've done a lot of running around, alot of road time, and alot of thinking. I have wanted to blog before today, but haven't been able to come up with anything even slightly interesting.

On the 2nd weekend of April, we were privledged to attend a seminar on the early founders of freedom- namely Joan of Arc and Christopher Columbus. I am exhibiting my ignorance here, but I thought Joan was burned at the stake because of her visions and voices- calling it witchcraft. However she was killed for heresy; she wore several layers of mens clothing to protect herself from sexual assault and it did prove effective. In those days cross dressing was heresy, and that is why she was burned. I am fascinated with her now, and plan on reading more about her.

We also spent several hours on Christopher Columbus, and how he was inspired in everything he did. Did you know that he had a wife who died, leaving him with a young son? He placed the boy in a monastery in Spain, and in fact spent a lot of his time there when he was not at sea. Christopher prayed several times daily for guidance on that fateful voyage, and was threatened with mutiny when it had been more than 30 days since land was sighted.. He begged for 3 more days, and soon after land was seen. They landed on the island of San Salvador, named after the Savior. It is interesting to note, that for an interpreter, Columbus chose a former Jewish rabbi. He felt that he would find the "other sheep" whom Christ spoke of, and that they would speak Hebrew. Sure enough, after the landing at San Salvadore, they discovered a tribe of white Indians on another island. These white Indians became extinct later under Spanish colonization.

Here is Dr. Kimber eating lunch with some of the attendees. He is the 3rd from the right. This man is awesome! I hope that someday I have as much knowledge in my head as he has in his little finger!

Josslin needed to get back down to school, so we headed out on the 15th for Rexburg. The weather was so beautiful! We went up over the continental divide- Joss drove all the way to Butte, so I got a lot of crocheting done Whooooeeeee!! I could not believe how little snow was up in the mountains. We didn't have any even on the sides of the road unless we were at least at 7000ft elevation. I hope we have enough water this summer!

After dropping Joss off, and getting her moved in and groceried up, I hit the road again for Boise to hook up with a dear friend I haven't seen in 15 years. We had a fun girls weekend! She introduced me to "Savers" which is an awesome thrift store! I picked up 2 shirts for $10.00! And they are in great shape! Isn't scoring at great discounts the best part of clothes shopping?!

We went out to lunch after and enjoyed a spicy Mexican chicken chalupa- YUMMO!! This is Becky. We have been friends since meeting in junior high. We talked about the different paths our lives have taken, and what we've learned along the way. We went to the movie and saw Bounty Hunter- big waste of time and money! Glad we caught it on the matinee! Again, my camera sucks, so I hope you can make out her pic!

I left Boise on Sunday, and made it home about 5 pm. That next week was a major catch up- it is amazing what happens when you are gone!!

This past weekend, I was fortunate to attend the Time Out for Women in Spokane. There was a speaker there from Sierra Leone who told of the diamond war, and having to run and hide from the rebels. Somewhere along the way, she had received a hygiene kit that the church distributes, and shared it with all of these women. constanly on the run, the women reached a house where they felt they would be safe to sleep for the night. Unfortunately, it was discovered. Each woman was raped, and then lined up to have her limbs chopped off. She was about 10th in line, and had just watched her sister undergo this horror. Praying and praying for deliverence, suddenly many soldiers appeared and prevented her death. She later found out that her sister had died. After being introduced to the gospel later, she was preparing to go on a mission to Temple Square in Salt Lake City; She received news of her younger sister and a nephew who had been found, and needed her. After discussing the situation with her bishop, she went to her home village and retrieved them, afterwards returning to where she had been living. She said the Lord had whispered to her that if she would go forth and serve him for a little while, that the children would be cared for in ways she could not foresee. During her mission, the children were adopted and brought to the States, where she saw them. She kept her hygiene kit all this time, despite being urged to get rid of it. She brought it with her to the event, and with tears of gratitude, she thanked the audience for their sacrifices, and urged continuing dedication to the humanitarian effort. By about halfway through her story the packed house was in tears. I have made many kits for the humanitarian effort, but this was the first time that I met someone who used them. It made the need close and real. I won't ever be the same. Here is a pic of Mariama, and a sister from Zambia, with a group of us that got to sit together. Mariama is in the yellow.

Monday we had a "wind" warning out. They should have called it a "dirt" warning. The wind was blowing so hard, the dirt came in through the windows. If you were sitting in front of the window, you had to keep brushing the dirt off your clothing, glasses, the window sill, etc. This is a shot out our front window- if it wasn't for the dirt, the sky would be clear!


Anonymous said...

HEy mama!

I'm glad you had so much fun with Becky and at TOFW. I wish I was there with you. Enjoy a Basin spring for me!


Korbi said...

busy busy lady, no wonder why I haven't seen you around the school!

Jess said...

Great post!! You look amazing!!!