Friday, June 25, 2010

all kinds of kids

So, I woke up this morning to the sound of a panicking goat. If you have never been blessed with this experience, think of a screaming infant, magnified about 50 times. Seriously. They sound like babies. And why, you may ask, was my sweet Cream blithereing away at 8 am? Because she has figured out how to escape her pen, but not how to get back in. And she can't stand to be separated from her sister, Cookie. Of course, she took advantage of the lush vegetation (read weeds; esp. kocia) growing in her immediate vicinity- which sent Cookie off her rocker! (Honestly! For her own sister to not share in the spoils of escape!).

What is really funny, is that Cream is totally content in her pen, until the sun comes up, and then-Holy Hannah! Get me out in that pasture Momma!! She doesn't run from me, in fact she trots right up and waits for me to halter her, and give her and Cookie a handful of grain prior to spending the day belly deep in grass and brush. They have a little shelter out there that they loll around under at the peak of the heat, and occasionally stand in the sprinkler to cool off. But mostly, they just munch, munch, munch. And chew their cud, cud cud!! (Sorry, couldn't resist! :}).

Why am I chattering on about my sweet girls? Because they make me happy, and feel content. It sounds so.........wierd, geeky,.....but seriously they do! I love to weed the garden and listen to them rip the grass off, and snort the dust, and paw at the ground. I love to watch them climb up on their little hut, and play king of the mountain. I even love the smell of manure. It smells healthy, and earthy, and clean in a different kind of way. I love to hear the chickens discussing their yardmates. I can almost hear them say " Really, did you SEE her coat this morning? ". So much fun to have critters!

The other day, my foster son who is autistic, got upset and started to run away down the field.
Samson, my shepherd cross, caught up to him, and gently blocked his way, gradually turning the boy back in the direction of home. Who says animals are dumb?

Today, I took the kids to the pond. They had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the water. It was wonderful to watch childhood happen. We did have a problem with inappropriate use of the alfalfa field for a potty, but other than that it was great. This is what children should be doing! Playing with critters, swimming, playing, laughing. Not trying to protect the younger sibling from life's ugliness. Yesterday, Brie had her friend over for the day, and they laughed and giggled and shrieked like all little girls do. They played in the sprinkler, and the mud, and did their hair, and traded clothes. They ate popsicles, and watched TV. I so want them to have some normalcy! And a chance to be kids and feel safe and secure.

Paul and Adam got back from camp this afternoon. They had some good talks, and went hiking. I am so glad they are close. They seemed to have a great time, and Adam collapsed into bed about 8:15 tonight.

So, the best thing about this week? Watching childhood happen, enjoying God's creations, and being with family. And all is well.



Wonderful...My fondest memories are of my father's calves. I love that you have reached out to these precious children and shared. What a gift you are to each other!!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

"Watching childhood happen" now that is a lovely thought. I like that. So glad you made it happen for others this week.

I concur about your goats. There is just something about having four legged friends. Hooray for Samson's herding skills.

Thanks again for the good visit this week.