Wednesday, February 4, 2009

glitches in time

So, I had a major glitch and lost my blog. The up side is that a total rebuild is in store, the downside is that now I have to figure out what should be here. And that entails evaluating who I am and how I've changed since last summer.

Should the background be classy, scrapbook, or holiday(valentines day) oriented? Do I want to keep the basic elements, or do I want a complete makeover? Pictures? And if so, of what?

Why do we have glitches? Obviously, because they help us grow. The more important question is our response to the stimulus. When the Lord "pokes" us, do we take advantage of new opportunities or go kicking and screaming. Change is inevitable in life, and here's hoping we are able to progress with grace. Or if not with grace, at least some humor. I don't know how long it will take me to learn grace, but I do know that the Lord is LONGSUFFERING, he must have some serious earplugs he uses when I go weeping and wailing and knashing my teeth. It is a great comfort to know He is always there to pick me back up, brush me off, and start over at "grace 99".



I am glad to see you are still ticking!!! I had to redo mine once. It was my fault but I was determined to get it right. Someone should write a "Blogs for Dummies"!

Kathy said...

I am so sorry that you lost your blog. I have done that too, but at the very beginning. You had some great posts, I am sorry they are gone, but I am glad you are still bloggin', also I know what you mean about how to set it up anew. Your a classy gal, you will figure it out!

Jess said...

SO glad you are back, but sorry for the lost posts :(