Friday, February 6, 2009

Loyal to God and each other

Sunday was Adam's 14th B-day. I blogged about it but that was the day before I lost my blog, and I feel really terrible about not having the day documented. If any of you are bored, feel free to skip off to your next blogstop.

Adam is the baby of the family, and made his sunnyside up appearance at 10:10 pm on Feb. 1, 1995. His was the easiest delivery of the 3 bio. kids, probably because he was the smallest at 9 lb 7 oz. After delivering Dylan at 11 lb 10 1/2 oz, Adam was a piece of cake!! I remember being so scared that he would just fall out and half hoping he would be as big as his brother was. Then, carrying him around in my arms, with the strange sensation of losing him because I had so much more room available to cuddle him with.

Always a quick learner, it wasn't long before I was catching him ransacking the lower cupboards, in the litter box, eating the soil out of the potted plants. The Poison control people soon recognized my voice! Adam ate everything- food, dirt, plants of all types, detergent, bath oil balls...; if he could reach it, he ate it. And of course, we were dealing with a mild heart defect that he was being watched closely for, being hospitalized for a week with urosepsis at 21 days, undergoing surgery at 7 mths for a circ that should have been done post natally, but wasn't because the doc was afraid of throwing bacteria to his heart. We finally got referred to Children's Hospital in Seattle for the cardiac and urology specialists. Thank Heaven for Childrens!!

Adam was a pretty happy child,as long as he had his thumb, a blankie, and a sippy cup full of warm chocolate milk.He would lay on the ground playing or watching Disney movies with his thumb in his mouth. He has always had a bit of the daredevil in him, and didn't think twice about jumping off a 70 ft cliff into the Columbia river this past summer. He had huge blue eyes when he was younger, and his day care gal called him her "precious moments baby".

Now he is taller than me, stronger than me, loves to cook and experiment with flavors, go fishing, camp, play his PSP, and tease his sister and brother. Sunday, he was ordained a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood by his brother Dylan. It was one of those very sweet moments that make it all worth it. You could feel the love these two have for each other, despite their altercations, wrestling tournaments,competitions, etc.

That evening we went to Paul's Dad's for dinner, and Larry surprised Adam with a cake. What makes that special, is that Larry was a professional baker, but rarely bakes and decorates any more due to arthritis in his hands.

Don't they look so happy to be together?? Really....they just hate it when I bring out the camera.
Today we all went down to bigger town to choose the "perfect gift". Our town doesn't have anything to even call choice and selection, so off we go!!! I should have snapped a pic of all of us-- Paul and I in the front, and all 3 of the kids with earbuds in, kicked back, eyes closed. Nothing like family time!! It is so different now from how it used to be. The days of having bags full of snacks,juice boxes, toys, and on and on and on. Now the toys are more expensive, the grocery bill is higher, and now we can talk and laugh together, more like friends.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we all change, and grow, or regress, but it all comes down to each of us doing the best we can to stay close to each other. A sign hanging in our front room says "Anderson, we are loyal to God and each other." And that is what it is all about.



I love your blog! This entry is so REAL! I remember trying to make everything perfect and finding out that things I thought really mattered DIDN'T & the things you didn't think they noticed...THEY DID. As I raise a 13 year old BY MYSELF...I try & not stress over things that don't matter. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? I think I better go to bed, Night Viki!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I feel so badly you lost your blog. I'm REALLY glad you made sure you rewrote this one...and I love your ending. Thank heavens for families.

Kathy said...

I hate to loose things. I wish there was some way to find it. They say that everything we put on our compter is there. Is there any hope? You had such great posts.

hennchix said...

I wish there was- if anyone knows how, I am up for suggestions.

Ashley said...

That's so exciting for you guys! I bet it was awesome to see Dylan getting to ordain his little brother!! Happy Belated birthday Adam!! Another February birthday to add to the list of 11!! You are going to be 45 soon!!! WAHOO!!

Jess said...

I LOVE your blog too!!! Keep up the great posts & happy belated birthday to your son :)
BTW, my word verification was anthut :) Don't you just love when they actually say something! HA HA HA :)