Monday, March 16, 2009

amazing grace

Last night Dylan baptized his friend, Chris, into the Church. It was a very special night, and the Spirit was strong there. Dylan and Chris have been friends for about a year, and recently Chris expressed an interest in the gospel. I think the catalyst was when they and another buddy went to the movie, and the other guys wanted to view a movie with an R rating. Dylan declined, and called us for a ride home. The other friend went on into the movie, but Chris waited with Dylan in the lobby. Since then Chris has been supportive of Dylan's decisions as to the appropriateness of their activities. Don't get me wrong- they still manage to have a lot of fun together. There was the incident with dry ice.....but that is another story. As Chris has talked with the missionaries, Dylan has sat in on the discussions, helping Chris to understand, and testifying of the truthfulness of these new concepts. It has been a choice experience to get a snapshot into the process of conversion.

As we have come to know Chris better, we have been impressed by his goodness. Recently he decided he wanted to know more about our church, and started meeting with the missionaries. As he received the truths of Jesus Christ and the news that the gospel has been restored to earth, his countenance began to change. As he and Dylan went down into the water last night, the Spirit was very strong, so strong that both of them were visibly moved. It was wonderful to watch Dylan baptize Chris, and see the bond of brotherhood between them deepen. It was truly a tender mercy of the Lord for Dylan to experience using the priesthood in baptism at such a young age.



Lori said...

What a wonderful experience for Dylan and for your family.

Josslin said...

I had never been to a convert's baptism before. The change in him was absolutely incredible. Chris just glowed. Dylan looked so,so happy. It was an awesome experience

Jess said...

That is SO awesome!!! I am so excited for Chris & what an amazing experience for Dylan :)