Monday, July 6, 2009

Catch up!

I went to BYUI the last weekend of May for Mom's weekend. Joss and I had a lot of fun together. We caught one or two of the special activities, but mostly just hung out. She has been blessed with some awesome roommates this semester;they are very supportive as well as super fun. My tummy ached from laughing so hard.

This is Jen. Yep, as hard as I tried all weekend, I could never get her without her "friend"....from SLC, she and Joss room together.

This is Sara, from Southern Cal. She is a returned missionary, and brings a quiet strength and spiritualality to the group.

Signe (pronounced Sinee) hails from Durango, Colorado. Full of life and on the boisterous side, she keeps things hoppin'!
And last but definitly not least, comes Kaylee. Bringing generosity and creativity, Kaylee is a product of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Malinda lives next door, and is the RS pres. She is sweet and fun,and she and Joss are convinced they knew each other in the preexistence.

We attended the Mom's weekend luncheon, and were not disappointed. Pres. Clark spoke, and inspired us all with the story of his daughter's battle with cancer, which she has apparently conquered.
Isn't that "tablescape" gorgeous? There is nothing like being served a wonderful meal, with entertainment in the bargain.

We also took in the fireside Sunday night, when the BYUI woman of the year spoke to us. Sara sang in the choir-absolutly beautiful!

We went to IF and did some shopping/browsing. It was very relaxing and brought back memories of all the times we have shopped together. Those are some of my favorite times we have shared. I am so glad Joss and I are good friends, and can talk and express feelings as well as debate controversial issues. I will sorely miss her when she is gone with a family of her own.

One of my favorite activities was "stadium singing". Students come from all over town,and meet under the stadium bleachers. They open with a prayer, and then sing hymns together for an hour. Not afraid to harmonize and sing out, it raised goose bumps to hear them sing "Army of Helaman".

I am so glad I went and made more memories with my wonderful daughter. She truly is a great gift in my life, and I thank Heavenly Father for her every day.


Josslin said...

That's us for sure! And the stadium singing was a favorite moment for me too. Singing the Army of Helaman medley with 200 other students gives me goosebumps every time.

Ashley said...

Wow what a neat experience for you and mom and I never had anything like that...but I guess almost every year of girl's camp together was a little awesome!! Sounds like a blast...Joss you look great@

Janelle said...

You two are so much mother and daughter. You both have the same smile and sweet spirit about you! I'm glad you got to go, too! She needs you as much as you need her. Like me, you only have one "little princess..." so any time you can get to spend with them and just hang is well worth the time and travel. Thanks for sharing this experience with us! You are amazing! Hi, Joss!!!