Thursday, December 24, 2009

my take on it

It's the day before Christmas,
and all thruough the house,
every creature is eating, maybe even a mouse ( or two in the wall?)
the stockings remain all snug in their box
cause Mom never finished them-and won't waste the good socks!
Paul is home from the job, and in the kitchen he cooks
lots of taters, and prime rib, and soup from a book.
On the table are snacks, rich and salty and sweet,
crackers and cookies and candy to eat.
When all of a sudden is heard from the kitchen
"turn off the yard hose, the hottub is drippin'
all over the yard, it's too cold to be swimming!
Ice skating won't work, our yard is uphill,
so cut off the water and don't let it spill!!"
The kidlets are watching the boob tube with glee,
"no chores to do, our time is all free!!""
And I on my couch keep a seat warm
planning my next scrapbooking storm.
Paper, and ink and paint and some trim,
pictures and mem'ries kept this way won't dim
with the years.
Tonight is the one we think of a Birth
which changed the future of each person on Earth.
His infinite Grace, and fullness of joy,
Is the best gift He gives to each girl and each boy.
Take a minute to pray, and thank Him tonight
for sending His Son, in glory and might.
We'll all live again, together we'll be
forever and ever a family, you see.
We each have a part to do in this work,
So cheer up, look out, and find that one jerk who
can change with a taste of the Savior's sweet care
Give him a portion ofGod's goodness to share.
Once you have given you'll find a surprise-
The jerk will have changed right before your own eyes
to a person with value, and what joy this will buy.