Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why do the holidays bring out the worst as well as the best in people? Over on Segullah the discussion was on "but ye have not so learned Christ". You can read it
here. The author is discussing her week, and lack of ability to bring Christ into her crazy busy life. To top it off, a very good friend died, and she didn't find out until the next day; having ignored several promptings from the Spirit to call the friend, she is filled with remorse and regret and ..... . It brought to my mind the way I have not taken the time to become closer to my Saviour lately. Here is the time of year when we celebrate His birth, and yet I am caught up in all the other stuff. My attitude has been reflected in my children. As much as I nag at them to think of others, and others' needs, I have failed at that very thing. I hate it when I am such a hypocrite!

So. How to fix it. Is it too late? No, I don't think it is EVER too late to change and improve. Knowing that "his Hand is outstretched still" brings comfort to my heart. Along these same lines, the words of the Lord to us in the scriptures also comes to me : "for I have engraven you upon the palms of my hands". I understand that He is explaining that He knows us each so intimately and will never forget us, having sacrificed Himself for us. The night before I had my surgery, Paul was able to get my wedding set off of my finger, and my CTR ring. They had not been off my hands in probably 15 yrs. Of course, there was a mark left in my skin. I anticipated that it would disappear soon; 18 days later, it still remains. It is not a temporary impression, but my body has actually changed itself to allow for the presence of those rings. In the same way,I can change my heart to allow the love of Christ to enter in and take over my selfish desires. It will take great effort and committment. The reward is worth the price.

On Thursday, Adam and I went to the high school Christmas concert. It is tradition in our town that the choir sings the Hallelluia Chorus at the conclusion of the concert, and the audience members are invited to the stage to participate. What gratitude filled me as I sang next to my sister! Hallelluia , Hallelluia, Hallelluia!

Here is a picture of my nephew, Connor, singing with his partner during the Jazz Choir's portion. He sings well, but struggles to put body movement/choreography with it. His partner, Brianna, worked really hard to help him loosen up. What a riot!! Last night, Adam and I attended the Christmas party at Kimber. They did a cute little skit about Christmas around the world, singing in English, German, and Spanish. I love the holidays, and everything that comes with them. This year, my goal is to let Him in more fully.

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I think those little jolts of remembrance are something we all get. I have always said that the spirit may whisper in your ear but he kicks me in the pants when I am not doing what I know I ought to be doing. Usually it is a ommission not a commission but still is a wake up call. I love your posts...Merry Christmas