Thursday, December 17, 2009

peace and plenty here abide

So, 16 days post op. 20 lbs gone. I am so glad I did it! Even though I am still on liquids and pureed food in the middle of the Christmas season, I have no regrets. My life has changed, as in a 180 degree turn. I feel great, just struggling with being tired now. It was so fun today to go to the store and buy pants 3 sizes smaller than what I wore last Christmas, and find cute clothes! Did you know that when you lose a significant amount of weight, that your shoe size also changes? HALLELLUIA!!! The other day I was shopping for shoes online, and found 1 pair in my size. ONE! And they were weird looking crocs! Apparently fat people don't wear cute shoes?! Since October 12, my BMI has dropped 6 points. Now, I am not classified as morbidly obese-just your garden variety obese!! WHOOHOO!! Tomorrow, I get my "before" pics done for the paper...part of the super discount I got. So be watching the local rag, homies!!

Paul is one his way to bring Joss home from school, so by Saturday we'll be all together again.And that, my friends, is peace indeed!

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Ashley said...

Wow viki I think you sound so much happier and I'm so excited for u!!! Life will be so much healthier for u! I know I need to come visit but this baby is giving me one heck of a time!!!