Monday, March 14, 2011

mucus form of mucking out!!

So, Paul caught this horrible cold from his bosses, and then shared it with the rest of us. All I can hear throughout the house is:"sneezzeee, cough, cough,snort, Is there any more kleenex?, and Is there any more juice?" Yuck!! I was feeling pretty safe since I got through the winter with out a cold; I thought so anyway! But here we go, the infamous spring cold. It amazes me that the human body can produce so much gross, slimy, icky snot! I mean SERIOUSLY???!!
Okay, enough with that shtuff.

I have been studying up on the Constitution lately, something I should have been doing long ago. You know, when you read the original Constitution, it takes only about 20 pages. The founders felt strongly that if the Constitution were left alone it would not only serve the agrarian lifestyle of that time, but the modern age as well. Thomas Jefferson studied the Bible extensively when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, focusing on the ancient Israelites form of self government. He sought to  implement these truths into the Declaration, and later into the Constitution. The founders also studied Plato, Cicero,Blackstone, de Montesquieu,Polybius,John Locke, and other great minds of the centuries. John Adams agreed with Thomas Jefferson that Plato was at best terribly disappointing, and at worst disgusting, but Jefferson described Plato's writings as "utter nonsense"!

You are probably wondering why I am writing about this today. It is because even now, the leaders of our country seek to remove the freedoms we now enjoy. It is only through studying the founders individually as well as those thinkers that they respected can we come to understand what it is we are allowing our government to do. Today, I want to challenge you to muck out those cobwebs in your mind, and go find out what the founders knew. I have been amazed at how my mind has "woken up" since I started stimulating it with some history and paying attention to what is going on in our nation. I say, no.....I shout...WAKE UP AMERICA, AND LIVE!!!! Blow the slime and snot from your brains and fill your brain with light and knowledge. Our government is sick, but it can be healed. We must get to work and make it happen!!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Good analogy Viki. Really good analogy.